Team 1305 is unique in that our members are not form one school or even one city. Our members come to us from over 7 different schools in the Near North region of Ontario, centered around the city of North Bay.

  • Chippewa Intermediate Secondary School
  • West Ferris Secondary School
  • Widdifield Secondary School
  • Northern Secondary School
  • WJ Fricker Senior Public School
  • St. Joseph Scollard Hall Catholic Secondary School
  • Home Schooled Students

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Team 1305 is unique in that we have members from across the Near North area. This area covers more than 62,000 square kilometers (10 times the size of Prince Edward Island!). The city of North Bay, Ontario, Canada is a main center for the many outlying communities. In the spirit of FIRST, we continuously welcome students from these communities who are interested in science and technology.

Map of North Bay and Surrounding AreaNorth Bay, Ontario

North Bay is about a 3 ½ hour drive from either Toronto or Ottawa. North Bay is located at the easternmost junction of Highway 11 and Highway 17, which are both segments of the Trans-Canada Highway. Several lakes within city limits provide year round fun to residents and visitors. We also have plenty of opportunities to hike, fish, snowmobile, ski, hunt, boat or canoe.

North Bay is the site of CFB North Bay (22 Wing), which maintains a North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) control centre, responsible for providing surveillance, identification, control and warning for the aerospace defence of North America, with operations formerly taking place inside a facility located deep underground, similar to, but on a much smaller scale than, the famous Cheyenne Mountain base in Colorado. Although historically the base hosted a large number of air units and air force personnel, today it employs approximately 500 personnel including many from the United States. North Bay is also home to The Algonquin Regiment and the Leo Troy Armory.

The long runways at North Bay’s Jack Garland Airport have been maintained as an alternate landing site for Toronto’s Pearson International Airport and were used during the 9/11 crisis as an emergency landing site for a several international aircraft. The airport is used daily by Bombardier, CFB North Bay, Air Canada and local pilots.

The current engines driving North Bay’s economy are the Nipissing University and Canadore College populations, the North Bay Regional Health Center, tourism, and a stable provincial government service center.

As of 2014, Nipissing University and the City of North Bay jointly host the North Bay FRC Regional, held at the Nipissing University Athletics Center every March.

Our Team is extremely proud of our northern heritage.

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